X – The Ultimate WordPress Theme Review

x wordpress theme

X WordPress theme review. Picking the perfect WordPress theme is difficult. I mean there are just so many options that you get drowned in unlimited tabs when searching for a new WordPress theme. Imagine the possibility of buying one theme and customizing it to look like whatever you want when you need a new theme. […]

4 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your WordPress Site

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Things that can go wrong with your WordPress site “My website is down!” Photo: Credit Four words that can send shivers down your spine. You spent years building that great website and it’s all going great. Until one day when you login to your website, you only see the dreaded white screen of death. Your […]

Elegant Themes Raises Membership Price From $39 To $69

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Elegant Themes Price Increase. From Tuesday (18th March 2014), leading theme development company, Elegant Themes would be raising the price of its membership package from $39 to $69 for new customers (I feel like there is a sex joke somewhere in that sentence). Elegant Themes already offer the best value for money when it comes […]

MaxCDN Review: Is MaxCDN Still Worth The Hype?

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MaxCDN WordPress Review MaxCDN has grown to become one of the top CDN providers for WordPress users. The company has created an affordable and easy to use Content Delivery Network which serves as a perfect solution for WordPress Users. Before you spend your money on a CDN for your WordPress website, read my MaxCDN WordPress […]

5 Powerful WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

best wordpress plugins for affiliate marketers

Best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing involves a partnership between an advertiser and a publisher, the publisher is paid a commission for referring a customer who makes a purchase, the referral from the publisher is identified by the advertiser through a unique link known as affiliate’s tracking link. Infographics : websiteresellerprograms.org Popular Terms […]

5 Popular WordPress Plugins To Avoid on Shared Hosting

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WordPress Plugins to avoid. Your host is perhaps the most important link to your blog’s prospective reader. Without a good hosting service, the world may not even know your Website exists. Here are some interesting statistics. According to the Aberdeen Group, a one second delay in page-load time equals 11% fewer page views, a 16% […]

16 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

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The search for the best WordPress contact form plugin could be exhausting. After long hours of searching for the perfect WordPress contact form plugin, your efforts could easily be undermined by minor issues such as plugin incompatibility, ease of use, spam prevention and many other annoying issues. To save you the headache, I have listed […]

How To Create Twitter Cards For Your Blog Posts

Summary Twitter Card

Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach additional information to Tweets that link to your website. You would discover that you can watch a YouTube video right from Twitter and there was a time when you could view an Instagram picture without having to leave Twitter. Twitter Cards make your tweets more detailed […]

Squarespace vs. WordPress: The Ongoing Battle

Squarespace vs wordpress

In the ever changing world of website development and website builders a battle is raging. Raging might be too strong of a word though considering this is about website builders, but both of these elicit strong responses from their supporters. While WordPress has been around longer, Squarespace is quickly making a name for itself as […]

How To Check If A Domain is Blacklisted by Google

How To Check If A Domain is Blacklisted by Google

Did your search engine traffic suddenly drop rapidly or are you about to purchase a domain name? it is always wise to check if your domain name has been blacklisted or DE-indexed by Google? Be informed, there are several other reasons your website traffic could be dropping rapidly but it doesn’t hurt to check if […]

Oops! 4 Common WordPress Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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Experience is always the best teacher, but you don’t have to learn from your own experience, here are Four Common Mistakes WordPress users make and how to avoid them or correct them. Photo: Credit 1. Setting Up Your Permalinks A New WordPress installation comes with the default URL structure: /?p=23 (e.g http://wpseer.com/?p=123). This is a […]