7 Awesome WordPress Review Themes

best wordpress review themes

Are you looking to create a review website like CNET on WordPress? Who can blame you, reviews remains one of the most reliable method of evaluating a product or service before buying the product. It involves asking someone who has used the product in the past or is currently using the product, about their personal  experience with the […]

6 Things You Didn’t Know About WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Traditionally, the WordPress SEO plugin is as you guessed an SEO plugin but it also has some other useful functions, here are 6 little known functions of the plugin. WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the most popular WordPress plugin, the plugin has currently being downloaded over 11 million times and it maintains a 4.7/5 […]

How To Disable Comments in WordPress

completely disable comments on wordpress

This tutorial is going to walk you through the various methods you can use to completely disable comments in wordpress.  Why Would Anyone Disable Comments on WordPress? Imagine newspapers had a comment section on every article or news, this is better left unimagined. Opinions are good but they could be sometimes distracting and frankly speaking, not […]

CDNify Review: The Most User-Friendly CDN

CDNify review

CDNify is a UK-based CDN provider with a global network of over 20 strategically located POPs spread across USA, Europe, and Asia. CDNify like other content delivery networks makes it easier for you to supercharge your content and accelerate your website. It does this by caching a copy of your website’s static content (like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and media files) […]

KeyCDN Review: The Perfect CDN For WordPress

keycdn review

KeyCDN is a service of Proinity Ltd, a Swiss company, with its headquarters located in Winterthur. KeyCDN offers high performance Content Delivery Network packages at a very competitive price. In this KeyCDN review, we will scrutinize every aspect of KeyCDN’s offering in order to validate the claims of the company and examine the performance of the content delivery […]

The Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

The Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

Best social media plugin for wordpress Social media has become a very important and vital element for all kinds of online marketing strategies. Brands, small businesses and even bloggers now recognize the need for social engagement over search engine optimization. It is therefore only logical to find social media share buttons on almost all online platforms; apps, mobile […]

X – The Ultimate WordPress Theme Review

x wordpress theme

X WordPress theme review. Picking the perfect WordPress theme is difficult. I mean there are just so many options that you get drowned in unlimited tabs when searching for a new WordPress theme. Imagine the possibility of buying one theme and customizing it to look like whatever you want when you need a new theme. […]

4 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your WordPress Site

wordpress backup solution

Things that can go wrong with your WordPress site “My website is down!” Photo: Credit Four words that can send shivers down your spine. You spent years building that great website and it’s all going great. Until one day when you login to your website, you only see the dreaded white screen of death. Your […]

Elegant Themes Raises Membership Price From $39 To $69

cheapest wordpress theme

Elegant Themes Price Increase. From Tuesday (18th March 2014), leading theme development company, Elegant Themes would be raising the price of its membership package from $39 to $69 for new customers (I feel like there is a sex joke somewhere in that sentence). Elegant Themes already offer the best value for money when it comes […]

MaxCDN Review: Is MaxCDN Still Worth The Hype?

maxcdn wordpress review

MaxCDN WordPress Review MaxCDN has grown to become one of the top CDN providers for WordPress users. The company has created an affordable and easy to use Content Delivery Network which serves as a perfect solution for WordPress Users. Before you spend your money on a CDN for your WordPress website, read my MaxCDN WordPress […]

5 Powerful WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

best wordpress plugins for affiliate marketers

Best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing involves a partnership between an advertiser and a publisher, the publisher is paid a commission for referring a customer who makes a purchase, the referral from the publisher is identified by the advertiser through a unique link known as affiliate’s tracking link. Infographics : websiteresellerprograms.org Popular Terms […]

5 Popular WordPress Plugins To Avoid on Shared Hosting

wordpress plugins to avoid

WordPress Plugins to avoid. Your host is perhaps the most important link to your blog’s prospective reader. Without a good hosting service, the world may not even know your Website exists. Here are some interesting statistics. According to the Aberdeen Group, a one second delay in page-load time equals 11% fewer page views, a 16% […]