How To Check If A Domain is Blacklisted by Google

Did your search engine traffic suddenly drop rapidly or are you about to purchase a domain name? it is always wise to check if your domain name has been blacklisted or DE-indexed by Google?

Be informed, there are several other reasons your website traffic could be dropping rapidly but it doesn’t hurt to check if your pages are still being indexed by Google.

How To Check If A Domain is blacklisted by Google

Manual Method

Simply perform a search in Google with “” i.e.

If no results are returned and your pages have already being indexed by Google previously, then there is a pretty good chance that the website has been removed from their index.

If you use this method to check for a new domain, you probably won’t get any result, as there are no posts or pages for Google to index yet.

Automated Methods

Visit, or type in your URL address and click search. You would get a message telling you the status of the domain name.

The best way to keep track of changes or get more information on your domain is to use tools created by Google. In this case the Google Webmaster Tools is your ideal tool.

Google Webmaster tools would show you links to your site, your search queries, site health, 404 not found pages, server errors and many other useful information on your website.

Submitting a sitemap to Google, frequent posts, a claimed Google authorship account are factors that could get your pages indexed faster.

Violating Google Terms of service is the fastest way to get your pages DE-indexed. Engaging in the following practices could lead to your pages getting de-indexed:

Check Google

Google also has a tool that let’s you check if a website is blacklisted due to a Copyright or DMCA claims. (Suggested by Michael Bely)

Paid Links

Google frowns at any form of paid link or unnatural linking, if you have been doing this it is better you stop before you get caught.

Copyright Violation

“Just because it is fine with Google doesn’t mean it is legal”.

Copyright violation is frowned upon by Google, hence you hear Google promoting the use of original content. Copyright violation is a surefire way of getting your pages de-indexed from Google

Masking Keywords

Hiding keywords or phrases with the background color technique is just so wrong and Google already knows about this technique. This could easily translate to your pages disappearing from Google search.

Linking To Spammy or malicious pages

Google, Bing and every search engine hates spam. Always check pages you are linking to, even if it is a guest post, check the links to make sure you are not sending your readers to malicious pages.

Once you have been infected with malware or your site is linking to such a page, you are on a ticking clock.

These are just some of the ways you could get banned, blacklisted, de-indexed by Google. Always make sure you read and understand Google’s terms and keep yourself updated on their algorithm changes. Penguin, panda, hummingbird these are all algorithm changes your should read about as they could be responsible for your rapid drop in traffic.


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  • Shalonda Gordon

    This post is very informative. I recently had a domain, that wasn’t performing as it used too.. yet I couldn’t figure out what happened.. I just followed your steps and have found the issue. Thank you so much for sharing and keep smiling

    • WPseer

      Always happy to help, I appreciate you taking time out to comment. Thanks.

    • Sam Adeyinka

      Hey Shalonda, it’s nice to meet you here on Niyi’s great blog sister. Thanks for coming to my blog the other day and my guest contest article at, where I wrote about the “21 blogging mistakes and smart ways to fix them”. Sure you will remember with that.

      Speaking about now, Niyi’s a really cool guy and I’m not surprise his article has actually helped resolved you bug.

      Enjoy the rest of your day okay.

    • Prince Asfi

      Hi this is very useful information, I have check my website it is not blocked with the tools you have provided in your post but still my website home page is not appearing in google for example if i search its not showing my home page, but it is showing only few pages and most of my pages are not index. How can i fix this?

  • Sam Adeyinka

    Hey Niyi, I’m so glad to find my way here and for starting a friendship with you. :)

    Let’s talk about this post, it’s short but very massive post. This will be helpful for blogs who aren’t listed on Google.

    I’m glad that mine is, even though I know it is I had to do a check again with your technique and thank God I still am listed.

    Your guide is really timely boss. :D


  • WpSeer

    Thanks for the lovely words Sam, I hope I can keep writing helpful posts.

  • Mehvish

    very very nice article, thanks for info

  • Michael Bely

    Also you can check if a website is blacklisted due to a DMCA claims here:

    I find it very useful to check before I register a sweet dropped domain.

    • WpSeer

      Thanks for this Michael, I never knew of this wonderful tool until you mentioned it.

      • Michael Bely

        Glad I could share a useful stuff

  • pradeep

    thanx. i have used your techniques to check my site. my site isn’t banned by google.

    • WpSeer

      Cheers to that, Pradeep!

  • Sarang Sarage

    Very helpful article indeed. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi!!


    • WpSeer

      Thanks for stopping by Sarage.

  • GPS Tracker Shop

    My website traffic just disappeared and the keyword I ranked on page 1 with I now cannot be found on the first 100 pages. I followed your steps and my site isn’t blacklisted, but what could be going on to make it just disappear for a keyword ?

    • WpSeer

      This seems like an SEO issue, I sent you an SEO report generated from

  • John Green

    My blog is indexed, but the traffic is still pretty slow. Im starting to get more from social media, but Google and other search engines still don’t send much traffic to me.

    Thanks for teaching me something new today.

  • Jude

    Oh, thank God my site is still indexed by Google!

  • Shams

    This article is great and carry informative info, I read this article Top to Bottom with many comments, but I come here solve my particular issues.
    I’m not good at English, so pardon me before reading my post. I have some concept about Blogging but have no practical idea with it. Last month I start blogging and posting with WordPress. As I’m not skilled in writing segment so I use The best spinner while write something, and do 100% unique. Presently I face with visitor problem, When I go Google web master tool than it shown index 12, but do not know whats its meaning ? I have seriously need to sell my affiliate product,. Some body help me for going ahead?

    • WpSeer

      If it’s a new blog, it will take some time and some quality SEO before you start getting more love from Google.

      Do some research on current acceptable SEO practices and adopt them on your website, you should be fine.

  • london cakes

    wha tis somebody will make blackhat seo for my website ? Any competritor can do it to make my website blacklisted.How protect against ?

  • purvi

    Very informative Article. Now i checked out my all website if its on black listed or not. earlier i found my blog listed on Violation but i removed some copy content. thanks for sharing knowledgeable post.

  • Elijah John Sanders

    I tried both sites: and
    Blacklis sais it’s banned
    while bannedcheck says it’s not banned.

    What’s the deal?
    Thank you :)

    • Blogger Labil

      Yes, i have the same problem.
      Instead, when i rewind the process, firstly was banned and secondly not banned.

      Not sure with the results.

  • Tarun Bansal

    Thank you for helping me out

  • mutludent

    How do we get rid of the website fell blacklist

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    Thank you for helping me out

  • Ehtesham

    I just registered 7 years old deleted domain and i can’t find any results in google for site:, is this domain blocked or is this just because it’s very old domain, google removed it’s results.

    • WpSeer

      If the domain has being offline for that long, you won’t find it in google index. You should check to know what kind of content was hosted on the domain & how recent is the last index.

  • Sagar Patil

    Thanks for these useful methods,
    i used these methods and found my other website was blacklisted, The reason was i used Mobile redirect ads, that time i never known that mobile redirect ads will ban me, but after that ban i removed that ads and after 2weeks my ban was revoked. Thanks again.

  • nurul

    Thank you for helping

  • shaadi planning

    thanks a ton for the useful info

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  • Vishnu

    Thanks fo you suggestion , it helped me a lot as i m about to buy a domain which is blocked by adsense .

  • Nandagopal

    Very excellent information that helps me much


  • Zoya Noreen

    please tell me the easy method that how i can check my website.that is it in a black list or not thanks.

  • Dermolyte

    good post

  • mark

    Hi can you tell me haw can i check why my mails are ending in spam in

  • Offir

    Hi all,
    I have recently bought an expired domain name in a auction –
    I have invested 7 weeks to build a new site around that domain (wordpress) and publish it.
    Non of the pages were indexed so I went to “Fetch like Google” and manually submitted pages from the site. After a while I saw these pages (, but after another day the pages I manually submitted, where gone….

    I then started to suspect that the domain I bought is maybe blacklisted or in Google penalty.
    I went to “Manual actions” in webmaster tools and found no messages/alerts from google (No manual webspam actions found). Maybe the former owner of that domain got the messages but I did not get any.

    Is there a way to tell for sure if that domain is blacklisted by google?
    If the domain is blacklisted, how can I recover it from penalty/blacklist? Note that I cannot submit a Reconsideration Requests as there is no message in the “Manual actions” in webmaster tools

    Thanks for your help.

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